GLIBC wont compile for MPC860

David Edelsohn dje at
Thu Sep 2 07:47:00 EST 1999

>>>>> Scott Wood writes:

Scott> Graham Stoney wrote:
>> Scott Wood writes:
>> > The MPC8xx have no floating point, so it should be compiled with -msoft-float,
>> > (I think)...  ./configure --without-fp  will do it.
>> Is this implied when gcc has been configured --with-cpu=860?

Scott> I don't think so...  I put -msoft-float into the sysdeps/powerpc/Makefile and I see
Scott> it twice below, so I would imagine that if you use both flags then -msoft-float
Scott> will be used.

	Unfortunately, the people who wrote PowerPC support for glibc did
not create a sysdeps/powerpc/fpu directory containing FP-specific code.
There currently is no way to disable FP code in glibc-2.1, but I believe
that the maintainers were suppose to fix this for glibc-2.2; I do not know
about the status.  People who have been working on Linux for embedded
processors have been building glibc somehow, but I do not know the details.

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