SMP support for Daystar 604e 200MHz dual-processor card >

Otto Moerbeek otto at
Wed Sep 1 16:18:19 EST 1999

Paul Mackerras write:

> Martin Costabel <costabel at> wrote:
> > (On the other hand, I see that Paul M. has CONFIG_SERIAL=m in his
> > standard config files. Does this mean that the serial.c stuff is
> > supposed to work on the PPC?)
> Only with some awful hacks to disable the probing of I/O ports and to
> make it start at ttyS2 instead of ttyS0.  This hack is in my rsync
> trees and in the precompiled kernels I've done.  (I could post a patch
> if necessary.)
> It's not a good long-term solution but I needed something so I could
> use the PC-card modem on my 3400. :-)
> Paul.

I am happy to say that my patches to the standard serial driver which
were developed on LinuxPPC are in the latest 2.3 tree. Apart from making
it run on LinuxPCC, generic support for PCI cards was added, based on
work from various programmers (including myself ;-) )

I have a version of the new serial driver that works on 2.2.10/LinuxPPC
available as standalone module, if anyone is interested.


Otto Moerbeek
otto at

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