SMP support for Daystar 604e 200MHz dual-processor card

Paul Mackerras paulus at
Wed Sep 1 10:07:05 EST 1999

Martin Costabel <costabel at> wrote:

> (On the other hand, I see that Paul M. has CONFIG_SERIAL=m in his
> standard config files. Does this mean that the serial.c stuff is
> supposed to work on the PPC?)

Only with some awful hacks to disable the probing of I/O ports and to
make it start at ttyS2 instead of ttyS0.  This hack is in my rsync
trees and in the precompiled kernels I've done.  (I could post a patch
if necessary.)

It's not a good long-term solution but I needed something so I could
use the PC-card modem on my 3400. :-)


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