patch for problem with va-ppc.h included with egcs and gcc-2.95.2

Jason Kim jwk2 at
Tue Nov 30 17:00:33 EST 1999

Agreed, ssh2 code isn't necessarily the cleanest in the world, but then again
the varargs situation in PPC world is a bit peculiar.

typedef struct A {
  char foo;
  char *bar;
} B[1], C[1];

typedef C D;

void tst(D d1)
  D d2;
  d1 = d2; // this is legal
  // d2 = d1; // this is not

declaring arrays of fixed size seems a bit strange for a type which will be used
by user code, since it makes d1 and d2 be different types sometimes. Not to
mention, having struct _va_list_tag  AS va_list seem to fix the problems neatly.

Is there a technical reason for keeping va_list as an array of 1 element? 
(instead of just a single element??)


Franz.Sirl-kernel at wrote:
> Am Mon, 29 Nov 1999 schrieb Jason Kim:
> >There is a problem with va-ppc.h distributed with recent versions ofgcc (2.95
> >and onwards) as well as the older egcs 1.1 releases.
> >
> >va-ppc.h typedefs va_list as an array of 1 element of struct
> >_va_list_tag but this causes problems when va_lists (or pointers to
> >them!) are passed as arguments to functions:
> >
> >e.g.
> >
> >void foo(va_list va1)
> >{
> >va_list va2;
> >va1 = va2;
> >}
> The source is wrong, this code is simply non-portable. Use __va_copy(va1, va2)
> or some memcpy trickery to fix the source.

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