A.Joshi: What is the status of Voodoo3 drivers?

Justin McKillican linuxppc at home.com
Tue Nov 30 02:01:23 EST 1999

>>  unfortunately not :(   we were supposed to recieve
>> a voodoo3 from
>> MacTell but they went out of business, do you or
>> anyone else know of a
>> place that sells Mac PCI voodoo3's?  i'd imagine the
>> "mac" version is
>> different then the pc one, with an of driver
>> orsomething...
>  I know that a gentlemen on this list is the author of
> a small real-mode x86 emulator designed for emulating
> x86 BIOS code found on PCI cards, so that they can run
> on LinuxPPC.
>  I'm not sure if that's applicable to this situation!
> It's called "EM86".  Try the following search:

You can use any PCI Voodoo3 card on a mac with the voodoo3 drivers from
3dfx.com itself.  you just need to flash the bios/ROM on the v3 card first


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