2.2.14pre9: restoring 1999 PBG3 backlight level after sleep

Jan Brittenson bson at rockgarden.net
Sat Nov 27 12:47:55 EST 1999

It appears that just reenabling the backlighting after a sleep doesn't
restore brightness on the 1999 Powerbook G3.  Adding a pmu_set_brightness()
immediately after waking up, to explicitly reset it, seems to do the trick.

*** via-pmu.c.orig 	Fri Nov 26 17:32:28 1999 
--- via-pmu.c 	Fri Nov 26 17:05:17 1999 
*** 1471,1476 **** 
--- 1471,1477 ---- 
			error = powerbook_sleep_G3(); 
+			pmu_set_brightness(backlight_level); 
			error = ENOSYS;

I wasn't sure whether this is necessary on any other platforms, in
which case it should probably be moved out of the switch statement,
or if it only applies to G3's, in which case it should probably be
moved to powerbook_sleep_G3().  Especially if it only applies to
the 1999 PBG3's.

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