Floppy problems

Jeff Hubbach hubbach at esus.cs.montana.edu
Thu Nov 25 06:41:56 EST 1999

I finally got my floppy working on a 8500 running LinuxPPC '99 Q3, but if
I try a mkfs /dev/fd0 on my 9600 with the same Linux, it gets to the part
where it's "writing superblock" and just hangs. I don't understand why it
would work on the 8500, but not on the 9600. Same install, same kernel,
maybe it's the different motherboard?

Any input would be greatly appreciated...

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On Wed, 24 Nov 1999, Giuliano Pochini wrote:
> >     I've never gotten my floppy drive to work under Linuxppc, it works fine
> >     under MacOS.  When accessing the floppy, it sounds ok, but the close ()
> >     system call doesn't return.  After this, the fd0 device can't be accessed
> >     again because it's busy.  The process can't be killed.
> >     [...]
> Same problem here, mainly on write accesses.
> Pmac 7300 with all kernels.
> Bye.

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