R_PPC_REL24 relocation out of range

Stephane GEORGES sg at dalim.de
Wed Nov 24 00:03:22 EST 1999

I am porting some code from linux Intel to linuxppc.

My executables have a plugin notion that allow people to add
some new functionalities to program (like photoshop plugins).

My plugins are shared libraries whose name does not start
with lib (like jobs.so.1.0).

These plugins can link on common shared libraries because
they implement the same main classes.

My issue is that I get such an error message when the second
plugin is beeing loaded (via dlopen)

jobs.so.1.0: R_PPC_REL24 relocation out of range (for instance)

If I rename my plugins adding lib in front of the name, then,
it works correctly (libjobs.so.1.0).

Could someone help me so that it works without the lib added
in front of the shared library name ?
Does ld have special options so that it works ?
(I have glibc-2.1.1-6c and my kernel is a 2.2.13).

The same code works correctly on my linux Intel (with same
version of glibc).


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