bootloader & head.S weirdness

Momchil Velikov velco at
Tue Nov 23 21:50:23 EST 1999

Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:
> On Mon, Nov 22, 1999, Cort Dougan <cort at> wrote:
> >CC: linuxppc-dev at, linuxppc-dev at
> >----------
> >Not always.  Keep in mind we have several machine types that follow the
> >same patch there.  We don't always enter with OF and OF doesn't always give
> >1:1 mappings, either.
> Yes, I agree. but I beleive the piece of bootloader appended to the head
> of the kernel image or the early bootloader used (quik ?) should take
> care of those very weird case and of mapping the kernel 1:1 before
> entering it.

Please, excuse my ignorance, but why not just set real-mode OF variable
to true (maybe in the ELF .note section) ?


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