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Dan Malek dmalek at
Tue Nov 23 17:14:15 EST 1999

LiuTao wrote:

> .......... So I hope
> to find a TFTP source code and program a bootloader by myself.
> Of course, if anybody has a presented bootloader source code,
> that's great.

A couple of people from Motorola have indicated, for the past year
or so, an interest in providing a TFTP monitor for the FADS board.
When they have asked what to do, I said make sure it is GPL and send
it to me for posting on a server somewhere (like
I have never heard a reply.

I am sure you could put something together from some of the netboot
code that is around.

My approach is to actually port a Linux kernel to the 8xx board, which
is pretty easy these days for just the minimal network support, then
slightly "customize" it (so it doesn't use _all_ of memory) and flash
is using S-record download or BDM tools.  I then just use the Linux
kernel with a TFTP application to do the job.  Just mmap() the unused
memory for loading a new image, and modify the reboot to call a
specific address rather than return to rom.

	-- Dan

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