Kernel debugging??

Kevin Hendricks khendricks at
Fri Nov 19 05:34:51 EST 1999


> Is there something wrong with ? If I do

>   receiving file list ... done
>   ./
>   deflate on token returned -2 (700 bytes left)
>   unexpected EOF in read_timeout

I got the same thing.  Just drop the compression (the z) and see if that helps.
 It did for me.

By the way, I updated from the samba site after the linuxcare site went up (I
didn't know about the linuxcare site).  To get a good source tree I had to do
the following:

-arv --delete

The -u update kept thinking my samba version was newer than the linuxcare
version and wouldn't get the new version and there were lots of files that
needed to be deleted.

So the following worked for me

 rsync -arv --delete .

I hope this helps.


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