Extreme swapping / new location of Paul's kernels [was Re: Kernel debugging??]

phandel at cise.ufl.edu phandel at cise.ufl.edu
Thu Nov 18 21:22:42 EST 1999

On Thu, 18 Nov 1999, Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:

> On Wed, Nov 17, 1999,  <phandel at cise.ufl.edu> wrote:
> >I've noticed the same extreme swapping in 2.3.26, using SCSI disks
> >(PowerCenter Pro 210) and BootX.  Returning to my previous kernel, there
> >was no swapping. This was using BootX 1.2b1.
> And I have absolutely no idea about what in BootX can cause this. Could
> you check if the amount of available RAM seen by the kenrel is correct ?

I'm having a hard time blaming BootX - top did reveal an incorrect amount
of memory (total/free/etc.) but I've heard that top is broken in the 2.3
series.  I'll grab Paul's new 2.3.28 rsync later tomorrow and look at the

The same version of BootX works perfectly with the 2.2 series.


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