again 2.3.28

David N. Welton davidw at
Thu Nov 18 06:01:16 EST 1999

On Wed, Nov 17, 1999 at 07:53:34PM +0100, Andreas Tobler wrote:

> my investigation brought me to the point, where I think the break
> must be between prom_init (in prom.c called from Head.S) and
> identify_machine (in setup.c called from Head.S) This is my
> interpretation of the code in Head.S? I certainly could be
> wrong.....  Any ideas?

Not really... I have the same problem, and no one seems to have any
idea what is causing it:-( I traced it to the same place, but the
problem is that you can't really even print anything, (at least not
with my limited knowledge), because of the following in head.S:

 * Use the first pair of BAT registers to map the 1st 16MB
 * of RAM to KERNELBASE.  From this point on we can't safely
 * call OF any more.
 lis	r11,KERNELBASE at h

So, we can't use prom_print to print checkpoints and we can't use
printk yet.

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