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Geoff Hutchison ghutchis at
Wed Nov 17 02:30:19 EST 1999

At 11:23 AM +0100 11/16/99, Martin Costabel wrote:
>Fix the "undefined reference" error.
>You mean "undefined reference" isn't an error on x86?

That's my point--people compiling the *same* code don't get that error.

At 9:27 AM +0100 11/16/99, Wolfgang Denk wrote:
>I'm not really sure, but can you please check how  big  your  code  /
>data  segments  are? The PPC addressing model is limited in range for
>relative addressing - "REL24" indicates that you are overrunning  the
>relacatable range using 24 bit offsets...

I was afraid of that. Thanks. I'll see if I can tweak the linking 
order and see if that helps a bit. I'll also try gcc -Os and see if 
that helps.

-Geoff Hutchison
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