XiG video driver support

Dan Bethe dan_bethe at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 16 12:32:52 EST 1999

	Hi.  If you believe that it would be good for XiG to
release their commercial X servers for LinuxPPC, write
to them or visit http://www.xig.com.  The benefits
would include possibly fuller use of your hardware
(dynamic resolution switching, acceleration, etc) and
maybe even open sourcing.  I don't know if they have
done any open sourcing.
	Hopefully it would give a better frame of reference
for those doing totally free drivers, to increase the
strength of their work.


Dear Dan,

Thank you for your interest in AcceleratedX! We would
very much like
to work on PowerPC machines, but we currently have no
plans to develop
a commercial server for this architecture.  If we find
the time to add
PowerPC to the support list, then we may contact you
to be a
beta-tester. If you know of any others who have an
interest in a
PowerPC AcceleratedX have them contact us, so we may
drum up some
support to provide a product.


Mike Ginis
mginis at xig.com

"Don't expect your own messiah; this neverworld which you desire is
only in your mind." -- http://www.dreamtheater.net/songb4.htm#IV5

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