G4 + Linux + PCI device + x86 driver = 0

Paul Mackerras paulus at linuxcare.com
Mon Nov 15 10:50:24 EST 1999

On Sun, 14 Nov 1999, David W. Patmore wrote:

> The original x86 (Redhat 6.0) driver uses virt_to_bus() to get the address
> to write to.  In LinuxPPC, that function is not available (not in name
> table).  I guess that I'm supposed to use ioremap(), but that doesn't seem
> to do it for me either.

virt_to_bus is an extern inline function in <asm/io.h>, so you should be
able to use it.  What undefined symbols do you get when you try?  (Note
that you have to compile with at least -O2 otherwise gcc doesn't do inline

If you want to access the device register within your driver, ioremap is
what you want, though, rather than virt_to_bus.  You would use virt_to_bus
to translate the virtual address of some kernel memory into a bus address
to program into a DMA controller.

> The outcome of running this code is:  pci base address (0x80890000),
> remapped (0xC8271000), data (0xFFFFFFFF).  The data is a status word which I
> expect to be not
> all "F"s.

Most likely the device doesn't have PCI memory space accesses enabled, as
Ryuichi pointed out.


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