PMac Reverse engineering

Jens Ch. Restemeier jrestemeier at
Mon Nov 15 04:12:25 EST 1999

Hi !

There are still some issues with my 5500 to write Linux drivers for,
like the (software) modem, and the I2C bus in via-cuda to access the TV
card stuff. I've been a little absent from Linux-PPC but want to fix
these sometime.

Question: Is there any usefull freeware for MacOS to reverse engineer,
what system calls an application does, and to disassemble system drivers
? Or is there somebody at apple who can be bugged to give out info ?

I have to admit that I have not the deepest knowledge of MacOS, but it
should be enough to grab some info...


P.S.: Reason ? Netscape crashes more and more, and takes the whole
system with it, and the TV application behaves quite strangely

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