vger 2.3.18

Martin Costabel costabel at
Sun Nov 14 05:56:12 EST 1999

David Riley wrote:
> Is there a particular config option I should avoid on the current vger
> 2.3.18 kernel?  It doesn't boot past the early bootx boot text.

You can get it to boot if you check out a version of September 12 or
earlier. After that, it seems to me that PPC support has been dropped at
vger (or at least at its cvs.on.openprojects mirror). If you want a
later 2.3.xx kernel that boots and runs OK, get Paul Mackerras'
pmac-devel kernel by rsync. It is at 2.3.22, but anything later looks
pretty dangerous to me, and the recent (2.3.26 or later)
kernels don't boot.


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