[OT] dual 8500

David Riley happyoscar42 at usa.net
Fri Nov 12 07:13:14 EST 1999

Brad Boyer wrote:
> Momchil 'Velco' Velikov wrote:
> > Does anyone of you have any experience (either good or bad)
> > with PowerMac 8500 with dual-processor card and Linux ?
> I have both good and bad experiences with dual processor cards,
> although I was using a 7600.  When it works, it is wonderful, but
> it occasionally gets confused in interesting ways.  It seems to be
> very sensitive to everything, and I had to rearrange the RAM in
> the slots to get Linux to work.  It somtimes requires the MacOS
> extensions to load to reinitialize stuff if it crashes in a bad
> state.  It will make Linux much faster, tho.  I replaced a 132MHz
> 604 board with a dual 200MHz 604e one and it was a very nice change.

Oh yes, there is something you should know.  When you install the MP
card, you WILL want to interleave your RAM.  You'll want to do it
anyways, because the PowerPC is able to do double-bandwidth bursts if
you interleave identically sized dimms.  On linux, since the OS runs
both the processors in an efficient manner (unlike the MacOS) this is
more or less required for an MP card.  On the MacOS, it will result
mostly in a speed boost (this includes single processors, too).
> > I intend to obtain one, but I definitely want to run
> > Linux on it. I don't care much if MacOS doesn't work
> > on such a machine.
> They work fine in the MacOS, but you won't see much improvement
> on most things.

In general, the MP cards work better on the MacOS than in linux (most
things do, because almost everything in linux is still more or less
under development).  However, only recent versions of the OS even take
advantage of MP cards, and the only MP-enhanced program that I know of
is Photoshop.

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