OffTopic: Is the PowerBook 145d anygood?

Tony Mantler eek at
Wed Nov 10 14:57:55 EST 1999

At 9:42 PM -0600 11/9/99, Adrianne Diane Rutledge wrote:
>I don't know much 'bout earlier powerbooks, but I have a friend who's
>looking at
>one, the only one he found on eBay in his price range was the 145d, it
>seems to
>be an early one, from the specs... anyway, anyone here have experience with
>what models are good?

The PB145 contains a 68k proscessor, and thus can't run any form of PPC
Linux. However, it should do just fine with Linux/Mac68k, with the
exception of the keyboard and mouse, which are as of yet unsupported. More
information can be found at <>.

As for other 68k powerbooks, currently the 190, 520 and 540 are the best
supported models, but that's rather relative. From the sound of your
message, a PPC powerbook would probably be out of your price range.

Cheers - Tony :)

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