OffTopic: Is the PowerBook 145d anygood?

Doomsday Machine pogtal at
Wed Nov 10 14:53:39 EST 1999

Adrianne Diane Rutledge wrote:

> I don't know much 'bout earlier powerbooks, but I have a friend who's looking at
> one, the only one he found on eBay in his price range was the 145d, it seems to
> be an early one, from the specs... anyway, anyone here have experience with
> what models are good?

Well, besides it being completely off topic, the 145b is seriously outdated.  It's
fine for wordprocessing (I guess) but not much else.  I guess if you really wanted
to, you could probably load mklinux on it, but that would be some work, cause it
doesn't have a cdrom, and I don't know if it can get ethernet hookups.  I mean,
paying more than 20 bucks for that 'book would be too much.

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