XF86Config for iMac with 16bpp

Francois.CAU at st.com Francois.CAU at st.com
Mon Nov 8 20:31:25 EST 1999

     I'm using the XF86_FBDev-3.3.5 server provided by Tom Rini, on a iMac 
     The 32bpp mode is working well, but I've been unable to make it work 
     in 16bpp even using XAutoConfig and XConfigurator.
     Switching to 16bpp alaways produces a "Id 'x' respawning too fast, 
     disabled for 5 mn..."
     So, could somebody send me a copy of a working XF86Config file ?
     (I really need to use the 16bpp mode to debug some video software.) 

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