Newworld OF boot

Florent flobo at
Fri Nov 5 10:48:52 EST 1999

>>Has anyone succeeded in booting newworld macintoshes (ie the iMac or the B&W
>>G3) using OF ?
> no
>>sure there is a way to turn around.
> yup, we need a elf version of quik that works, then we can stick that
> on a tiny partition and not have to use msdosfs or hfs for the root
> filesystem
> let me know if you find out anything else, I want to fix this issue
> but it seems that everyone else just want to use bootx for eternity.
> it would be nice if you could find a way to make OF load a bootblock
> as that would be cleaner then a partition, if you can write code then
> perhaps fix the quik second stage loader (elf version) to work
> properly (it loads now but just says an error because it does not
> expect to be loaded like that)

I'm currently working on the second stage loader (version 2.0.0a). When it
is launched from OF, it detects the machine as a CHRP and fixes the root
partition as the second one (this part of the code seems to be a quick add).

Things I've changed :
-in main.c line 353: replaced fip->conf_part = 2; with my root partition
-in disk.c line 59 : sprintf(bootdevice, "disk:0"); replaced disk:0 with hd
(or ultra0) to match the blueg3 firmware's aliases names.

Now it works better, but it fails when it tries to open /etc/quik.conf (call
to ext2fs_open() in file.c) : I get a Default Catch error and OF breaks.

Since the second stage loader relies on OF for raw disk access, and that
doesn't seems to work with newworld's OF, i think it will never boot this
I think that there is no way else than make an OF-readable partition
containing the kernel and an elf program to load it...

I must boot MacOS to boot Linux, then I modify and compile quik, then I
reboot my computer to test it with OF, then it crashes, then I reboot under
MacOS, then Linux... I'm fed up with rebooting.

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