2.3.25 builds

Andreas Tobler a.tobler at schweiz.ch
Thu Nov 4 09:13:24 EST 1999

Hi Cort and others,

right now I'm in the situation that 2.3.25 seems to compile and to boot
on a 7200. Booting is going on....
Ok up. 

I included the patches from Ani except the fbmem and all others which
refused to patch with: patch -p1 -F 3 -l --verbose <patch.file
The important for me were the pgtable.h and the fbmem.c. I use the
pmac_config as default conf with ramdisk support off. And only the
platinumfb, the scsi is Mac like & with Adaptec aic78xx. Which is my
used Disk-Controller.

Now it is up with the horrible message that I have 2GB of Mem..... (only
80MB are real) ((top report))
The fbmem.patch I took from  <kernel at kvack.org> as on the list (kernel)
this day. The latest at 14:19 EST

Thanks and sorry for the moody question the day before.

Finally I return for work to 2.2.14pre3 for daily work. Wallstreet
reports will follow as soon I can get some spare time not coding for Win :-(

Cort Dougan wrote:
> The next release should build for PPC.  There were some swap changes that
> had to be cleaned up.  The Linus 2.3.x trees are now nearly up-to-date with
> my tree so it shouldn't be released with ppc broken as often now.


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