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Elliot Lee sopwith at
Wed Nov 3 05:01:08 EST 1999

On Mon, 11 Oct 1999, Eric Dorland wrote:

> Which old set of patches? I've tried Elliot's 0.2.15 and it doesn't fix 
> the playing of 16bit sounds. BTW, you need a patch to be able to compile 
> Elliot's 0.2.15. It seems the configure file assumes that a ppc linux is 
> MkLinux, and uses its driver instead of OSS. It appears its MkLinux that has 
> the little-endian sound driver, not linuxppc. Anyway the attached patch 
> changes removes the MkLinux testing (I don't know how to tell the
> difference), and just uses OSS.

I've applied the change (configure itself is a generated
file, along with etc., so sending patches to these is
pointless :)

I skipped the esdplay.c/esdfile.c ones because I had other solutions (such
as removing that code entirely.

If you ever see any code doing a 'setvirtualbyteorder', that line probably
should probably just be nixed altogether. There is only one place that
ever needs doing, and that is inside libesd.

Anyways, I have put up - this will probably
become the final thing if you and other people have no problems with it.
It is not yet final, so don't go sticking it into public download dirs or
anything. :)

You will also want to make sure you have gnome-libs 1.0.53 (from October
GNOME) or newer, since I know there was an endianness fix in the 1.0.40

-- Elliot
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