(simple /proc/apm support for pmud) Re: PMU daemon

Michael Schmitz schmitz at simul.biophys.uni-duesseldorf.de
Tue Nov 2 20:51:59 EST 1999

> > Finally, does anyone know how feasable it would be to make pmud have the
> > same API as the intel-ish APMD, since there are a bunch of nice X
> > apps/applets for various window managers that talk to APMD?
> Well, I threw together a quick patch to pmud that does this.  Here is the
> message that I sent to Paul Mackerras the other day.

Just what I need to use the Gnome applet :-) Thanks for implementing this. 
Please take care with the 'pmud sleeps machine at low power'
feature, the write to stderr should be omitted or replaced by a
syslog write there. At least on my machine, writing to stderr kills pmud
in the least 'convenient' moment. 


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