BUGboot 0.2 Patch

Simone Piccardi Simone.Piccardi at fi.infn.it
Tue Nov 2 20:45:56 EST 1999

Hi again,
now it works!! I can boot from flash!

It was just the problem of endianess; for some reason when I compiled
mkbugboot.c on the board it take it as little-endian; it was sufficient
to force the code putting:

  bbh->entry_offset =header_size;
  bbh->routine_length= MAX_BOOT_SIZE+boot_size+2;

instead of:

  bbh->entry_offset	= cpu_to_be32(header_size);	/* Entry address */
  bbh->routine_length	= cpu_to_be32(MAX_BOOT_SIZE+boot_size+2); 

and everything went fine. I'll look to understand why it take it as
LITTLE_ENDIAN on a big endian computer, but now I'm very happy!

Thank you again for the good work.
Simone Piccardi
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