RevD iMac USB errors (was Problems compiling ppc kernels)

Dan Malek dmalek at
Mon Nov 1 16:11:21 EST 1999

Just to keep everyone up to date.......

Someone wrote:

> > > The kernels on rshaw's pages ( should
> > > work fine. The trick is just to comment out the USB version-checking
> > > code. I think he has the patch there as well.

I tried again today, and the vmlinux-2.2.10-rev1.gz booted on my RevD iMac.
The 2.2.6 wouldn't, and the anything prior to the recent Oct. 30 build
wouldn't either.  I used 2.2.10 to install Linux/PPC, you just don't have
any backspace/delete/kill keys, so be careful typing :-).

Thank you very much!  Now, if I could just get the video driver to
leave the monitor enabled, it would be great.  FYI, video=fbonly (check
the No Video box) works, but any other video option turns off the monitor.

	-- Dan

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