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Troy Benjegerdes hozer at
Mon Nov 1 10:33:57 EST 1999

Paul Mackerras wrote:
> On Mon, 01 Nov 1999, Troy Benjegerdes wrote:
> > ncftpget
> > Remote host has closed the connection.
> > ncftpget: cannot open remote host closed control
> > connection.
> Not again...
> Fixed now.

Thanks, I wound up getting a copy from someone else.

Now that I've had a chance to try it, I've got a couple of comments.

You have a typo at the end of 'pwrctl'.. pwrctl_3400 $i instead of
pwrctl_3400 $1

I have a 3400 set up to use DHCP, and the pump client gets quite unhappy
when the pwrctl scrips do the ifconfig up and ifconfig down. I changed the
scripts to do 'ifup eth0' and 'ifdown eth0' so that the Red-hat style
scripts are called instead, which take care of starting a stopping pump.
This is also handy if you move to multiple places, and each has a DH CP
server. Just close the lid, and when you open it back up, you'll
automagically get a new working IP. Of course this plays havoc with any
open connections, or using the machine as a server, but I would suspect
very few (if any) powerbook users leave open connections or use the machine
as a server.

Is there a way to read the battery voltage from the console using pmud?

Finally, does anyone know how feasable it would be to make pmud have the
same API as the intel-ish APMD, since there are a bunch of nice X
apps/applets for various window managers that talk to APMD?

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