linux-2.2.13pre15 stability w/ head.S patch

Geert Uytterhoeven geert at
Mon Nov 1 07:31:22 EST 1999

On Sat, 30 Oct 1999, Martin Costabel wrote:
> The aty128fb driver exists in the rsync 2.3.22 kernel, but it cannot be
> compiled in, because the config and makefiles don't know about it. In
> the sources, the config and makefiles are corrected and allow
> you to choose the aty128fb driver, but it doesn't compile, because
> FB_ACCEL_ATI_RAGE128 has been forgotten in include/linux/fb.h.

#define FB_ACCEL_ATI_RAGE128    32      /* ATI Rage128 family           */

This one indeed got missed. I sent it to Linus myself later, but he hasn't
applied it yet :-( I'll resent it in a few seconds...

> In the good old days (like 2 months ago :-() when the vger cvs tree was
> still actively maintained and was used to collect all the right patches
> for the pmac, life was definitely better.

David Miller promised me he will upgrade vger once he has fixed the Red Hat
problems on SPARC (he's working at Red Hat, you know).

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