LinuxPPC and egcs developer releases

Franz Sirl Franz.Sirl-kernel at
Fri May 28 01:14:13 EST 1999

At 15:45 27.05.99 , Jerry Quinn wrote:
>Franz Sirl wrote:
> >
> > Am Wed, 19 May 1999 schrieb Corey Minyard:
> > >Is anyone tracking the egcs developer releases on LinuxPPC?  I'm
> > >trying to build the newest developer release (19990517) and I have
> > >tried to build earlier ones, but they all get a SEGV compiling
> > >SYSCALLS.c with the stage1 compiler.  This is on linux 2.1.127 with
> > >the egcs-1.02 prerelease compiler.
> >
> > You need binutils >= or current cvs binutils to be able to build
> > gcc-2.95 on ppc-linux. Probably the easiest way is to build the DRR1/preR5
> > SRPM binutils- available on 
> on your
> > system.
>I just tried to build egcs 990517 last night on my pre-R5 system
>(installed last weekend) and I hit a snag.  In gcc/genattrtab.c, it
>In function `max_attr_value':
>4733: `INT_MAX' undeclared (first use this function)
>I have /usr/include/linux pointing into a 2.2.6 tree.  I haven't tried
>to track this down in depth, but I'm hoping someone knows offhand what
>the problem is.  I suspect I have messed up system headers.  Any help
>would be appreciated.  I don't think it's an egcs problem because it
>builds fine on HPUX and other platforms.
>I upgraded to pre-R5 from a mklinux DR3 distrib with a few more recent
>updates.  As an aside, I hit a couple of nasty problems.  First, the rpm
>with all the network tools didn't get updated because the DR3 rpm had a
>larger number than the pre-R5 rpm.  The second (this cost me a couple of
>hours to rescue) is that pre-R5 (or DR3?) had the bright idea of setting
>my keyboard to `us'.  Problem is, this keymap is for a PC keyboard.  All
>my keys were mapped all over the place.  After I figured out what was
>going on, I had to determine where all the characters really were so I
>could edit the config file to use `mac-ext-us' instead.  BEWARE!
>Since there aren't tons of complaints about this, it may be an artifact
>of upgrading a DR3 install.

Yes, upgrading over DR3 might be the culprit. Try to rm -rf /usr/include/* 
and then reinstall the kernel-headers package and all the packages you find 
"rpm -qa|grep -e -devel" with --force, naturally with glibc-devel being the 
most important one. I remember strange problems due to old cruft left in 
/usr/include after upgrading my R4 to glibc-2.0.90 1.5 years ago.


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