Scott Sams sbsams at
Thu May 27 14:42:14 EST 1999

Thank you for the helpful information. However, neither of the tricks
you suggested helped me. Is it possible to damage the AWACS chip on the
motherboard (maybe by an electrical surge?) and still have the machine

I guess I will have to install a new card. Do you know of any other PCI
sound cards that work under linuxppc on a powermac?



Jason Y. Sproul wrote:
> Have you tried a motherboard reset and/or powerdown? For the former, you
> have to locate the reset switch on the motherboard - should be near the
> battery. For the latter, you have to yank the backup battery on the
> motherboard and leave it out and the machine unconnected to *anything* for
> at least four hours. (Overnight is preferable.) I've seen Macs get wedged
> badly enough that an mboard powerdown and a few hits of the reset were
> necessary to flush everything. Developing PCI cards isn't always fun...
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