Releasing more easy kernel patches

Martin Costabel Martin.Costabel at
Wed May 26 03:27:48 EST 1999

laures at wrote:
> Hi,
> I like to try patches on my various kernels. Unfortunately for the mid
> power users like me, it's not always possible to get the bleeding edge
> source tree for cvs, and anyway patches does not seem to be
> always released against this tree.
> As Linuxppc-pre-R5 "ships" with a kernel source that has usb and pcmcia
> stuff (so it's fairly complete), I think it would be reasonable to use
> this tree (which is easy to get and install as well) as a reference for
> all patches released for public testing here (I'm not talking of
> linuxppc-dev).

I think this is a good idea, but why not take the reference release as a
reference? I think right now this is the same thing (rpms version
2.2.6-15a in or
one of its mirrors), but I have the impression that pre-R5 may change
anytime without notice, whereas RR-1.0 should be a bit more stable
(until, of course, LinuxPPC-R5 hits the net :-)).

> I feel this need because the new sound/brightness patch for PowerBook
> didn't apply without any fuss into this kernel, mac-on-linux gives tons
> of redefinition warnings (although the kernel works fairly well), there
> were minor problems with latest Geert's aty patch etc etc.
> I would be really more confident if the patches were released
> specifically for my version of the kernel.
> If hard kernel hackers don't find the time to do that by themselves,
> it's ok to send me the patch and I'll try to get the "correct" patch as
> soon as posible. (be prepared to questions then...)
[patch deleted]

P.S. Did you really send your message on last Saturday? It arrived only
today in my mailbox.

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