Stefan Berndtsson stefan at
Sat May 22 06:19:34 EST 1999

Samuel Rydh <samuel at> writes:

> Thanks for the testing! My directions were bad though.
> I missed the fact that the kernel source uses #ifdef 
> and not #if, so the line
> #define NO_RELOAD_HTAB 1
> should be commented out in 'arch/ppc/kernel/head.S' and
> 'arch/ppc/mm/init.c'.
> I've looked through the Mac-on-Linux kernel source, and I 
> think this should be sufficient to add support for the 603.
> (There is a 603 incompatible function used by the debugger, 
> but I don't think it is used normally.)

Ok.. this seems to help a lot. It no longer panics, and I've
got a rom-image for my performa 6400, but when I tell it to
start with Meta-G, it just sits there.

This machine has a valkyrie graphics card, and since 
platinum seems to be more or less the only thing supported,
I can guess that's why I don't see anything.

Is that why? :)

Anyway.. it exits when I press Ctrl-C, so the machine is
alive and all.

One step in the right direction :)


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