About MBX (MPC860) boot

KiPyo Ryu kpryu at sei.co.kr
Sat May 22 03:15:12 EST 1999

Hello all,

I got 'embedded-2.2p7.tar.gz' file from linuxppc/embedded directory.
I compiled this file for MBX(MPC860) on PowerPC 603e machine.
When I compiled, I linked 'mbx_defconfig' to 'defconfig'.
then I did following:

make mrproper <enter>
make config <enter>
    -> All configuration set defaults.
make dep <enter>
make clean <enter>
make zImage <enter>

Netboot was successful from this created zImage file.
Server is PowerPC 603e, client is MBX Board have 32MB RAM, 4GB HDD and
floppy drive.

Here, first, I'd like to boot from floppy of MBX. How do I do this?
and then, I'd like to install the linux on MBX HDD. How do I do this?

Any help appreciated...



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