Stable (compilable) kernel?

RTHEANDE rtheande at
Thu May 20 15:36:45 EST 1999

     Hi there,
     I'm trying to build a kernel for a 860T MBX alike board.
     I can't do CVS checkout because of a firewall :(
     So I grabbed the vanilla 2.2.9 kernel but it doesen't compile. It dies 
     in mbx_setup.c because of
     1) missing headerfile (asm/8xx_immap.h)
     2) undefined MBX_IMAP_ADDR
     Trying to get somewere I grabbed the embedded-2.2.5 tarball from Dan. 
     It fails in m8xx_setup.c with several syntax(!) errors. Once fixed 
     there is a number of undef'ed functions...
     The question: where can I find a stable kernel for my config? Isn't 
     the 2.2.9 supposed to work for embedded targets (or did Linus miss 
     some syncs)?
     I suspect my code base for fixes should be the CVS, right?
     PS. I'm compiling on a Intel PC with a cross compiler but that 
     shouldn't make much of a difference.

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