possible egcs c compiler bug

Brad Boyer flar at cegt201.bradley.edu
Thu May 20 06:56:30 EST 1999

> I have found what *appears* to be a bug in the C compiler.  I have experienced
> this bug in R4 (regardless of the compiler/library installed) as well as in
> the latest (i.e. all the latest packages through 5/15/1999) pre-R5
> installation.  I include a short program below which illustrates the problem
> I am having.  The code compiles without error on my i386 machine
> running RHL 5.2.  The version of EGCS on the PC is 1.0.3 versus 1.1.2 on my
> PowerMac, so I don't know if this is a PPC problem or an EGCS problem.
> Any input is greatly appreciated.

"It's not a bug, it's a feature"...

You're using something that is not technically the proper way to use
va_list in your code.  However, that code works on everything but ppc.
It has to do with the way va_list is implemented on any ppc platform,
and causes all sorts of strange things to happen when you don't follow
the spec close enough.  Find a better way to copy the va_list.  Just
using the = operator isn't enough on ppc.  Use a block copy of
sizeof(va_list) bytes, or some such.  This has come up before, so if
you search the list archives, you should find sample code.  Someone
else could give a lot more details on this.  I only know the general

      Brad Boyer
      flar at cegt201.bradley.edu

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