Active Guardian proxy/filter won't compile (socket.h c++)

LinuxPPC-Dev at LinuxPPC-Dev at
Sat May 15 12:11:17 EST 1999


I'm having a curious problem trying to compile a C++ proxy/filter
called Active Guardian (
and wonder if someone here could have a try at it.  I've seen this
kind of problem with socket.h before on R4 - apparently things have
changed in Linux ix86 and PPC has not kept up?

Anyway, I tried the project-coordinator's demo site and was very 
impressed with how the software works.  I'm good at contributing to 
working software, but not when I can't get it to compile in the first
place (-;

Active Guardian hasn't been publicized much, but it's a key to a
public non-profit Internet Lab I'd like to equip with Linux.  A helping
hand would be MUCH appreciated!


glen_stewart at

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