Getting JDK 1.2 to work under glibc 2.1

Franz Sirl Franz.Sirl-kernel at
Sat May 15 03:54:31 EST 1999

Am Fri, 14 May 1999 schrieb Kevin B. Hendricks:
>As my last act before I move my family to Canada and spend all of my time
>packing and unpacking, I was trying to get a glibc 2.1 version of JDK 1.2
>available for release.  Since linuxppc R5 has no cd yet, I bought the
>yellowdog linux distribution and installed it on my home machine.
>I was able to get JDK 1.2 to build under glibc 2.1 using this distribution,
>but every time I try to invoke the JVM it seg-faults.  The seg-faults occur
>inside glibc 2.1 (in stderr@@GLIBC2.0) during linking.  It seems whenever
>the linker can't find a symbol it seems to end is a seg-fault?  Is this a
>known problem?

Don't remember anything like that.

>FWIW, this same code works perfectly under glibc 1.99 (Gary's) and works
>fine under glibc 2.1 on Linux x86 (or so I am told).
>This is with glibc 2.1-1a.ppc.rpm that comes with the yellowdog glibc 2.1
>cd distribution.
>Is this a known problem with glibc 2.1? Is this a ppc specific problem?
>What is the most up-to-date glibc 2.1 rpm that I can use to build with?
>Will any JDK 1.2 which works with Yellow Dog Linux work with Linux PPC R5?

get the just released stuff from DRR1, the usual packages, they will install
nicely on YDL:

If this doesn't help, more information on the segfault would be good (I know
it's hard to get it :-( ).


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