Yosemite patches

Joel Klecker jk at espy.org
Fri May 14 07:24:25 EST 1999

At 17:48 -0600 1999-05-07, Stephen Edie wrote:
>I regret having procrastinated the clean up and release, but anyway, the
>patches are include with this message.
>There are three patches in all.  Please apply each of them in order as two
>of the patches update the same file.  (ide-pmac.c)  Again, these patches
>apply cleanly to both 2.2.6 and 2.2.7 kernels.
>Fixes the PCI probing/machine check problem
>Additional patches provided in the original "challanger" .DIFFs.  Some of
>these changes may improve the stability of the Pmac.  You should apply this
>before applying the patch below.
>Modifications which allow the IDE PCI drivers, including the CMD646 driver,
>to work properely.
[ snip patches ]

Meant to mention this earlier, but the included patches were munged.
I had to fix the wrapped lines by hand and feed --ignore-whitespace 
to patch to get them to apply.
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