mac-on-linux (g3/r5 problems)

Samuel Rydh samuel at
Thu May 13 06:12:42 EST 1999

On Wed, May 12, 1999 at 01:52:39PM -0500, puetzk6715 at wrote:
> Everything compiled, but the link failed, because
> arch/ppc/macos/macos_ksyms.c and kernel/ksyms.c both tried to define
> __ksymtab_find_vma and .kstrtab_find_vma. At this point I munged it
> (commented out EXPORT_SYMBOL(find_vma) in arch/ppc/macos/macos_ksyms.c)
> and it built (I was curious how much farther I'd get). How am I supposed
> to get past this / what did I do wrong that caused it?
> The kenel boots, seems to work, but any attempt to insert macos_mod fails
> because clear_tlb_table is not defined - this symbol is in my vmlinux
> file, but does not appear in /proc/ksyms. Is this the 603 bug (since the
> 750 is like a 603 in many ways, and I know the problem is related to
> memory mapping...)?
The problem is that the clear_tlb_table symbol is not exported.
I think it should be sufficient to add EXPORT_SYMBOL(clear_tlb_table)
to macos_ksyms.c. Even better, compile the kernel with the module
config option set to no (module support is probably going
to disappear since it is only a relatively small part of the 
code which actually can be put in a module).



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