Does Linux PPC support the new 'Lombard/101' Powerbook G3s?

Joel Klecker jk at
Wed May 12 21:47:18 EST 1999

At 23:59 -0700 1999-05-11, Hugh Caley wrote:
>Why do you think it would work, Tom?  You can't OF boot the "Wallstreet"
>G3 laptops, can you?

h_CPUs-G3/PowerBookG3Series_1999/index.html> shows the new powerbooks 
to be of the new world architecture, thus it has sane OF (though 
until we have ELF images that the OF likes, no OF booting).

On a unsupported hardware note: the ethernet controller is a DP83843 
PHYTER made by National Semiconductor, which will need a driver 
written for it.
Docs: <>.

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