PATCH: Fix 2 PPC/SYSV varargs problems

Jeffrey A Law law at
Wed May 12 16:19:53 EST 1999

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  > Hi,
  > this patch is supposed to fix the following problems on PPC/SYSV:
  > 1. the varargs save area calculation bug, this is a hack and Richard ;-) 
  > probably won't like it, but maybe it's good enough for egcs-1.2
  > 2. if you call a function that uses more then 8 float args before all 
  > integer argument passing registers are consumed, egcs will missetup the 
  > calling sequence. I introduced a new variable cum->sysv_fwords in the 
  > CUMULATIVE_ARGS struct, which counts the saved float words and adjusted 
  > cum->words where needed (I hope). There maybe better/nicer ways to 
  > implement that, so tell me if you want a different solution. A testcase is 
  > attached, the original problem happens with gnuplot.
Has this problem been fixed?  I see patch from Richard which looks like it
is related:

       * va-ppc.h (__va_start_common): Let __builtin_saveregs do the work.
        * rs6000.c (expand_builtin_saveregs): For V4, initialize a private
        va_list struct, and return a pointer to it.
        (setup_incoming_varargs): V4 save area based off virtual_stack_vars
        instead of frame_pointer.

[ yes, I'm going through my backlog now trying to weed out issues that I
  don't need to deal with :-) ]


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