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Derek Moeller moeller at
Wed May 12 07:54:35 EST 1999

On Tue, 11 May 1999, michael cardenas wrote:

> But, I am a programmer, and I'm very interested in helping develop
> linux.
> My question is, where can I get the kernel source to get started and
> what compiler do I use? Is there a kernel build faq? I recently
> purchased the 4.1 cd, but I already had 4.1 installed.

	Go to for a lot of information on iMac linux. It
also has instructions for compiling a newer kernel with USB support, and
the UUSBD has been updated several times since the 2.2.1 kernel that you
are probably using. I think you can also find links to the development
homepage for the UUSBD project. Finally, there is a new USB driver project
for the kernel that will merge with the UUSBD code base in the future (at
least, I'm betting on it). I'm running the 2.2.6 kernel on the iMac right
now from the instructions on the iMac linux page.
	Good luck!


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