local.h header file.

Martin Costabel costabel at wanadoo.fr
Mon May 3 15:57:01 EST 1999

> Marc-André Fortin wrote:
> Can somebody tell me if there is a file called local.h in RedHat Linux
> 5.2? (if yes, where it is?)
> Or maybe the parameter I'm looking for (MAX_OPEN_FILES) is somewhere
> else?
> Should I use the grep command to find files containing a specific
> string? Is (grep) looks in all the subdirectories?
> (I' tried, but no luck)

To look for a string in all the *.h files in all subdirectories, you can

   find . -name "*.h" -print | xargs grep MAX_OPEN

or some abbreviation thereof (you can omit the '.' and '-print').

I didn't find any local.h nor MAX_OPEN_FILES here, BTW.


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