mesh problem ?

Michel Lanners mlan at
Sat May 1 06:21:02 EST 1999

On  28 Apr, this message from Ralf Weidemann echoed through cyberspace:
> I have today installed a new drive, so I'm not sure if it is
> a problem with the drive itself or maybe a mesh problem. I
> got several system lockups until yet and the below I got while
> I tried to fsck the disk after an ealier crash. After rebooting
> I tried again fsck the drive and all went fine. 
> Hmm, should I get a new drive or could it be a mesh problem ?
> This is a wide scsi drive with an adapter if it somehow matter.

That could be a problem with the IBM drive attempting negotiation for
SCSI parameters the MESH driver doesn't know about. If I'm reading your
log correctly, your new drive is a 'wide' type? Did you use a
wide-to-narrow adaptor, and terminate the upper 8 bits? 

Then, you might want to look for jumpers on the drive disabling certain
features, like wide negotiation, Target Initiated Sync negotiation
(that used to be my problem with an IBM drive a long time ago), and so
on. Try disabling thes features and see if it helps.


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