Motorola MCP750 : problem with IDE support on recent boards

VALETTE Eric valette at
Mon Mar 29 18:45:46 EST 1999

I used to run linux (2.2.3) on one MCP750 + CPX2000 rack without 

I have then ordered a second rack, and got a newer board 
(01-W1683B03C) and a newer PPCBUG version on it. 

When I try to boot the same linux image, that I use on the fisrt 
machine, after connecting the ide1 (INTR ISA 15), when reenabling 
the interrupts at processor level the machine freeze... 

If I set another interrupt number, of course
I do not have IDE1 working but linux boots. So I'm sure its
related to ISA 15 interrupt management (IDE1 for hdc ). Furthermore,
If I switch the two MCP750 mother board, the early one works on both
CPX2000 rack while the last one do not work on both.

The fact that the same binary works well on earlier MCP750 release
make me think there is a hardware problem or at least a design 
incompatibility... I have already done a DOA, got another board
and have the same problem...

Any hint/information is welcomed

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