Samba and shared mem trouble

Paul Mackerras paulus at
Mon Mar 29 12:25:14 EST 1999

Troy Benjegerdes <hozer at> wrote:

> samba 2.0.3 seems not to work on glibc-2.1 and kernel 2.2.4 vger.
> This appears to be related to shared memory somehow.. Does anyone have
> any ideas on what's going on? I'd like to have some suggestions on where
> to look before I go off on a wild goose chase bug hunt.

I asked Tridge about the problem and he says it wouldn't be using
shared memory if it's using mmap.  Is your /var/lock/samba in an NFS
partition perhaps?  Some people have reported problems in mmap'ing
files over NFS.

You can recompile samba to use SysV shared memory by changing a little
bit of code in source/include/includes.h.  You'll see a comment about
Linux and the speed of fcntl locking vs. SysV semaphores.  In fact for
linux 2.2, SysV semaphores are faster than fcntl locks.  If you change
it to use SysV semaphores it will also use SysV shared memory and
hopefully your mmap problems will go away.


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