[LinuxPPC] cross compiler, compiling

Trevor Woerner twoerner at ica.net
Mon Mar 29 03:03:44 EST 1999

>	Without describing the directory structure for the cross-tools
>source and how it was configured, it is hard to diagnose what might be

would it be enough to say:


  root# ../egcs-1.1.1/configure --target=$target --prefix=$prefix \
        --enable-shared --enable-haifa --with-gnu-as --with-gnu-ld \
        --with-headers=$includes --with-libs=$libraries --with-newlib \
        --with-cpu=$cpu -v &> configure.log

for the includes i went to my LinuxPPC installation and took everything
from /usr/includes, resolved all links and removed obvious stuff like
X11, for the libs i took everything from /lib and /usr/lib, resolved
all references (which were almost always from /usr/lib to /lib) but
preserved the shared-library version links.

does that help? oh by the way my LinuxPPC kernel was compiled from the
Linux 2.2.1 sources. previous to doing this i had recompiled egcs 1.1.1
and binutils 2.9.1-19b on my x86; on the ppc i just installed the rpms
from Gary Thomas.

please don't hesitate to mention if i forgot anything else.

best regards,
   trevor woerner


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