Apple Job Posting and Good News for LinuxPPC developers

David Edelsohn dje at
Sun Mar 28 06:44:54 EST 1999

>>>>> Guy Sotomayor writes:

Guy> Actually I think the 64bit PPCs are called PowerPC II.  They're reasonably
Guy> nice chips last time I looked.  They are expensive to put together in a
Guy> system (ie 8MB L2, 128bit data bus, etc).  Also the 6xx bus is a split
Guy> transaction bus, so the bus controllers are a bit more complex too.  I
Guy> also think that all the data paths are ECC'd with parity on addresses. 
Guy> For a good example on what type of systems are built using these things,
Guy> look at the S70 Advanced server.

	64-bit PowerPC is an architecture, not a single chip.  The first
implementation was the PPC620 from Somerset, eventually only used by
Groupe Bull.  The S70 and S7A use a chip from IBM Rochester also used in
AS/400s.  The Power3 (aka PPC630fp) is yet a third 64-bit PowerPC
implementation.  IBM's recent 64-bit PowerPC chips are augmented to
support additional requirements of AS/400 systems.


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